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Meet the voices behind Lick The Spoon

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Beth Randle

Born and raised in Eastern Washington, Beth Randle has had hustle from an early age. She first dipped her toe into entrepreneurial waters at the age of 9 selling wrapping paper and cards door to door. Always determined to make her own unique mark in the world, Beth attended Columbia College Chicago and earned a business degree with an emphasis in arts management. She returned to her hometown after graduating where she owned and operated a retail boutique for several years. After a 15 year hiatus from retail Beth set out to open a new shop and thus begun paper whale, a modern stationery store! In her free time, Beth is a pretend gamer, junior cat lady, recovering youth minister, and exorbitant TikTok watcher.  


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Jayme Jones was born in 1980 in Canada but grew up in Belize, Central America. She has moved a lot over her lifetime, but her favorite place by far is Hawaii and living there for 5 years was a dream come true (it also ruined her forever)! Jayme’s other dreams included being a mom (has 3 amazing kids, so, check) and getting paid for just being herself (she’s currently working on it). Jayme has been married for 18 years to her favorite male nurse, Tony. In between the mundane things of life, you can find her dancing in her kitchen, paddleboarding on the river, and discussing books with friends. Jayme is always up for an adventure, the chores can wait! 


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Jayme Jones

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